Rites of Passage

Ceremonies to define a powerful time in your life

New Beginnings

Honouring Life Change 

Grief Rituals

and Soul Retrievals


Powerful and significant, a Rite of Passage will define moments of letting go as well as invite new elements into your life. When you know that you want to claim your life, your values, your path, your journey and your experiences and when you can feel the calling of what that facilitates for you from then on, this is the way to answer that call. 


And yes, you can have several in your life, because they all honour something specific and very important.

Your Sacred Ceremony, processes & Rituals

My Rites of Passage help you greatly to validated yourself, to create a greater expression of you and merge you with your Soul Essence.  We celebrate who you are, who you were, and who you are stepping into, it is the platform from which you begin to fly - into your greater truth and conscious reality.


Not just the ceremony day,  the planning prior to your day includes a special session with me in advance and your own bespoke preparation rituals which give powerful meaning to your rite.

The preparation processes are your contribution to birthing this - they immerse you, connect you and honour a relationship of creativity in you shaping your truth.  

The rituals you will engage with on the day speak about your life and bring you into oneness, through defining moments.


















The Vision
We have a special session that establishes the essence of your powerful message
The Immersion
Your powerful ceremony day.
A divinely crafted day which includes potent medicine, celebration, ritual, letting go, welcoming in and becoming 
The Assimilation
We have a grounding session following on from your ceremony day to assimilate and acknowledge your immense journey and all the healing and beginnings it has facilitated 

Option 1 divine sacred immersion

A special session to define what it is you want and need

Processes to prepare and to conclude 

Meditation time 

Talking Circle

A Ritual to create powerful intention

Your Ceremony or Soul Retrieval

Option 2 divine sacred immersion and initiation day



A special session to define what it is you want and need

Processes to prepare and to conclude

Meditation time 

Talking Circle

A Ritual to create powerful intention

Your Ceremony or Soul Retrieval


Immersion in nature

A Shamanic Sound Bath session 

A Sacred Craftwork Session

A healing session

A delicious lunch


One of Angie's Potent Alchemical Essence Elixirs  

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what clients say

"I was reunited with my warrior spirituality"


“It was inevitable that I would undertake a rites of passage ceremony with Angie. I have been on a long voyage of self discovery and I have done various of healing and workshops with Angie who has been there to facilitate the twist and turns of my journey.

I do believe that Angie's undertaking of her ceremonies training was a strong signal to me that this would would be something I would partake as the next step where i was ready to bring together the very essence of my truth self, which meant believing in the warrior side of me.

Like with most life changing events you never really know what to expect; that's part of the reason why I choose the rites of passage with Angie as she encompasses an organic, intuitive understanding of what this entails whilst ensuring a beautiful​ moment is experienced.

I knew what the theme of the ceremony was all about. Angie sets the wheels in motion before the ceremony itself but how that unfolds was up to me; it's my rites of passage and it was me that did all the work on every level whilst Angie held the magical space to enable the transformation, whatever that is, to take place.

I was expecting the rites of passage ceremony transformation effects to be instant (for some maybe it is) but for me the shift took time to settle. It's like wearing new shoes it takes time to wear them in so they feel comfortable, it takes time so i had to be patient with myself. I did feel strange at first and out of sorts and a little uncomfortable​ Yet it's in the months that follow that I feel the themes that were present in my rites of passage ceremony becoming alive, becoming part of my everyday life.

The rites of passage that I undertook the transformational ceremony was powerful and intense; and this doesn't just start in Angie's healing hut it something that starts from the moment you wake up on the day and is forever on-going after. 

Once I stepped​ over that threshold, into that new space I was ready, ready to take on board my transformation of believing in me as I was reunited with my warrior spirituality​“

"feeling contentment that hasn't waned in months"
"I asked Angie if she would perform a Soul Retrieval for me as I'd spent over a year carrying out a self reflection practice as part of a study of craniosacral therapy and felt there was something that i needed to access.  Something deeper that I didn't understand about myself. 
I was drawn to her Soul Retrieval Ceremony as a way to begin to investigate what this might be.
The session was beautifully crafted from beginning to end, including work with Bach Flower Remedy cards and a deeply moving drum session during which Angie saw and retrieved my Soul at diffferent ages and integrated these elements or incidences back into my whole self.
I left feeling held, with insights and feeling of contentment that hasn't waned in months following the session.
Angie is a seriously talented Shamanic practitioner"

Embrace your Essence

Reclaim your power


Your ceremony can take place in your own home or in the private wood and and yurt near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Please be in touch for more information.

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With thanks to Fabrizia Verrechia for these photos