Wellbeing Packs

These self help packs have been specially created to help support and nourish you.

The Immune Support Pack

Helping you to get strong and assists as a preventative medicine combination.  By boosting your immunity naturally, your body is able to build up strength to cope with disease with greater levels of vitality. 

The Covid and Cough Support Pack

Addressing some of the key symptoms at home so that you can manage them as much as is possible.

NB if symptoms persist you should seek the advice of a qualified homeopath.

The Anxiety Support Pack

Creates a complete anxiety support package for you.  Natural remedies for managing stress, this accessible and effective method to helping with anxiety will enable you to create the space you need to alleviate your anxiety. 

How I can help you

If symptoms persist consider support which tackles the root cause of the themes and challenges you are experiencing.

If you want help or advice you are best booking a full homeopathic consultation, which I offer as a course of sessions.


For more information on how I can help you click here.




About each of the different packs 

















































Mountain Range
Immune Support
Magnified Grass
Cough & Covid Support Pack
Gradient Ocean
Anxiety Support Pack

Also a powerful resource to give you nurturing support 


The Calm Pack 


This is a new resource available as a series of downloads is now ready, to find out more on this new pack which includes the much loved Sound Bath Session and how to order see here



Ordering Remedies 


To order any of the remedies on this page please fill in a medical questionnaire and return by email. 


You can download the questionnaire here.


When buying more than one pack at a time

Please specify each pack you want to purchase using the  button below and email me.