Other Exquisite Ceremonies

Ceremony and processes to Nourish the Soul

My beautiful Conscious Ceremonies with an ethical mindful approach include

Wedding / Soul Union 


Elemental Ceremonies

Ultimate Weddings

Renewal of Vows

Ritual and Ceremony

See here for more information on conscious weddings.

Weddings for Rebels

Whatever stage and age, women deserve to celebrate the magic of their bodies. 


My group experiences include ceremonies for young women coming of age as well as women celebrating all that they have not had a chance to honour up until now.

Menarche / Period Parties and Ceremonies


"We couldn't have done it without you.


You drew the love out of us...we could FEEL the energy of the universe being held by you. 


So thank you.


You will forever be in our hearts."

Grief Rituals

I offer a powerful ceremony and workshop so that you can write your own funeral ceremony.  I guide you to connect to your own journey, embrace impermanence and honour each sacred breath in the now.


I also offer a rite of passage of huge personal significance where you have a chance to explore your grief and experience rituals honouring it all.

Also please ask about Green Burials and Memorials.

House & Land Blessings

Connect to your new home or land by claiming your place and relationship to it.  Embrace the way it can hold space for you, offer protection and provide sanctuary.  

Feel and relate to the energies that support you and celebrate new beginnings through ritual and ceremony.

Get in touch with me to find out more

Image by Mikaela Morgan Photography after an autumn ceremony