ignite your potential

online retreat

a shamanic creative immersion 


A half day online retreat

for you to truly connect to changing

If are reading this it is most likely you are questioning HOW to embrace who you are, wondering WHERE to begin to explore your identity and WHEN is a good time to start a huge life changing process.


 It is a time of review. 


You are coming home to yourself. 


Life doesn't define you, you do.

It is the opportunity to get confident to grow so fully that you walk with true acknowledgement of your power and truth.

Purpose may or may not be about one thing for you, purpose may be a greater understanding of how to live a conscious heart led existence full of depth and connection with your essence of soul.


I help you by guiding you so together you become acutely aware of the richness of diversity and all that it provides.

I incorporate elements of ritual to enable you to grow in confidence and self empowerment.

You can

Embrace more of who you are

Get greater clarity on your life and dreams

Feel fulfilled by connecting to your path

Get grounded in your self-belief

Immerse yourself in the creative process to get answers

This is an opportunity to explore your identity and become immersed in a journey of understanding self.

the thing you so admire in others 

is your potential  

A Creative Journey
Experience creative channeling through writing and art and connecting to your intuitive process so that you can GROW
Immerse yourself in a shamanic journey
Explore the profound shamanic journeying experience to get your own answers about soul, self and identity.
Meditation and Ritual 
Get authentic and real about who you are by immersing yourself in processes that support and champion your becoming. 
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