The Menopause Ceremony


The Dance into Your Power

When you can truly embrace this most powerful time of becoming.  Peri menopause, Menopause and Post Menopause are times to honour and embrace who you truly are.

A ceremony dedicated exclusively to celebrating your menopause and you becoming a powerful wise woman.  We celebrate your strengths, beauty, gifts and life story. A must for any woman who wants to fully integrate her powerful divine femine nature as a wisdom keeper and goddess.

Our day 


As with the other Rites of Passage ceremonies, we devote time in advance to talk about you and your life, and from this I begin to plan our day together.  This day consists of two sessions and a series of processes. 


Your Menopause Ceremony Day however, is different to any other that I offer,  as it is you stepping into a complete identity, the woman who you are sharing with the world, and the one who will not compromise on who she is.

Celebrating menopause,  your life and your body. 


This is potentially a hugely powerful time in life, the time when you claim who you are, and step into a new way of living without compromise.

A time to pause and find stillness to acknowledge how the power of blood that has connected you to rhythm and established a cycle long present after that blood is gone, which helps you reclaim your voice, your stages of womanhood and your place in the world.

A combination of soul work, meditation, ceremonies and rituals embracing YOU, letting go and reclaiming the sacredness of your identity and power.