Soul Support & Transformational Programmes


Can you feel you are changing?

The time in the world right now calls for a total life review.  Indeed COVID-19 is challenging us to address the old ways of doing things, creating an opportunity to look at what we have outgrown.

The way we do things, the way we think and how we feel.  This transitioning birthing period can be uncomfortable, as you squeeze out of the chrysalis and all you felt to be certain.


 It is a wonderful time to address that sense of urgency, that you are changing and wanting to leave the old behind. A time to get conscious and make decisions based on what serves you best.

So how can you support yourself best during this time of change? 


Letting go of what no longer serves you in a time of transition means a hugely significant adjustment.  It is a time to begin and understand yourself more fully, to acknowledge your wisdom and knowledge so far, and take a quantum leap to embrace a new you.


I help you by guiding you with tailored support, enabling you to grow and embrace this new you, as you birth that reality and get truly focused on your life.

The world is changing, and creating space for your greater clarity of purpose and direction.

I provide bespoke support to help you

as you outgrow the old

and birth the next stage in your life.










Ways I help you through my programmes

  • Get clarity on what's coming next 

  • Take action to walk into your new life knowing yourself

  • Go forwards embracing and honouring your strengths

  • Find your voice authenticity and truth

  • Birth a new chapter with clarity and confidence

Establish a connection with your Soul Essence - and get ready fly - on your terms. 





Soul Support Sessions and Transformational Programmes

Soul Support 

A Soul Reading and Clearing Session incorporating Metaphysical Counselling and other techniques 

A single session offering you support to identify the most urgent themes and challenges in your transitioning, and put in place a plan of action.

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The Transformational Programme

Transition to A New You

- A 3 Month Immersion

- A complete programme of support

- 6 sessions to help you transform and more

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"The soul coaching and mentoring programme was beautiful for me.


I really felt like I shifted a block around bringing my treasure into the world. Our work dovetailed with my course and personal work beautifully, hence making my decision to step out and move , following my heart/spiritual self/calling and embedding true faith and trust in myself and my connection with the universe.


This has been a massive time for me!


The workbook that accompanied the mentoring programme was profoundly insightful, inspiring, motiving and enabled clear insight and movement for me. Then supported by our sessions together too. A beautifully crafted rite of passage and transitional healing and rebirthing experience.


You're like a midwife of the true self.


I loved the spectrum you work with, akashic records, past lives, ancestry along with the shamanic healing and topped off with the homeopathic medicine. A real holistic mind, body and soul experience for me. I'm so glad I came to you and grateful for your midwifery in this rebirthing part of my life.


Thank you wholly for being you! 


Dawn Rosser

Dawn is a Child and Family Psychotherapist UKCP Reg. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Soul Coach.