"Whatever it is you need, Angie knows"


"I had the privilege of Angie's  Soul Coaching / Mentoring program. I had felt totally stuck in life. My brain was willing but something kept holding me back.

Each session felt different - like layers being stripped back. I felt euphoric - tearful - relaxed - and floaty ! It was so interesting to watch and listen as Angie unraveled my blockages ... I did not want it to end .... but I have to say I am totally back to being me. I feel totally invigorated and my thinking has changed !


I can not recommend enough - whatever it is you need - Angie knows. I am blessed. Thank you."


Zandra Christie - Publisher of Your Health Hub

"I can't thank Angie enough"


“Angie is a wonderfully strong and courageous woman, who never fails to inspire me to live a better life, to be a kinder and stronger person to myself, my family and to others, and to be kinder to the planet. 

I can't thank Angie enough for the wisdom and encouragement she has given me through attending her workshops and mentoring sessions, which has allowed me to extend that love, strength and hopefully some of the wisdom to my extended family and friends, as well as in my art work“

Jenny Edbrooke


"Angie dusted my wings, took me to the edge and showed me I can fly"

“I am filled always with the deepest of gratitude for having Angie in my life, it has been an incredible soul journey of the highest vibration of pure love and divinity and each and every time I have a client on the treatment table her beautiful soft soul presence is in the room.


Angie dusted off my wings, took me to the edge and always showed me I can fly. We all can.”

Trish Whelan

  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic  Healer 

"I was reunited with my warrior spirituality"


"The rites of passage (transformation ceremony) that I undertook was powerful and intense; and this doesn't just start in Angie's healing hut - it is something that starts from the moment you wake up on the day and is forever on-going after. 

Once I stepped​ over that threshold, into that new space I was ready, ready to take on board my transformation of believing in me as I was reunited with my warrior spirituality​"

A client after a Rite of Passage