About Angie
Bold, Intuitive, Powerful, Connected.
Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist, Soul Coach, Mentor and Creative
Embracing the power of the soul medicine

You may be going through a huge changes, a realisation that you are becoming more, or know that you want to find your voice, get empowered, grow and deepen your soul connection / soul evolution with your life.


It may be that the change has just come along and hit you, that you are waiting to land, and this has left you in a space of questioning who you want to become, how you want to feel.

Are you looking to really claim yourself, for yourself, embrace self belief, confidence, self validation and become empowered to step out into the world in your terms?

In order to ​make changes for a new life, there is a letting go.

Letting go of conditioning and limiting beliefs, and how we relate to aspects of our past. This is part of the process of bringing our lives in to alignment, authenticity and balance.  We have resources, intuition, skills, qualities which allow us to gravitate to what makes us happy and supports us best in life. Choices on every level.


I help you to identify and address what needs to be done, clear the discordant energies in your life with you and help you create a life design of your own choosing. 

About my background.

I am a modern day medicine woman, a ceremonialist, a mentor and a creative.

I have been doing this work for 20 years. In this time I have gone deep with people, worked with recording artists, creatives, vulnerable women, entrepreneurs, people rebuilding their lives following divorce or other major life change, people following trauma, in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse, pioneers, people expanding their wisdom and spiritual growth and those experiencing the major transitions of mid life.

In my own journey it was my profound authentic encounters with shamanism as a teenager which began the journey of self validation, paving my own road and identifying my own authentic truth. That happens to be mine, but YOU also have a unique gift of your own to claim.


My formal experience includes being a Ceremonialist/Celebrant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Homeopathic Consultant, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, Writer, Performer and Creative.  Prior to this I studied feminism and the environment.  I was born in Chile, and had to leave with my mother in the years of military dictatorship.  

So... back to you....once you want to know who you are, nothing will stop you from creating the life you want and embracing your soul essence.


Your identity is uniquely yours.

Are you ready?
Medicine Woman