Soul Support

Connecting you to your POWER through a time of change

This session gives you the freedom to own your journey, right at the time when you need it most. 

What you gain

+ connect to your priorities

+ deep insight and support and acknowledgement of your strengths

+ clear the soul records down to the cellular memory 

+ gain insight to help you through the very next stage of your life journey

Together we identify what is going on and how you are changing

I give you a tailored supportive session that enables you to:


see the wood for the trees

aligns you and grounds you so you have both perspective and focus

clears current limiting beliefs or energies that are holding you back

healing which works with you to and provides profound shifts

a catalyst for new beginning, a new start

establish a way forward that supports your self empowerment

Start your journey right HERE with me and let me help you to not only embrace the change, but to navigate through it from a place of empowerment.

For deeper work with guidance and mentoring have a look at my three month programme here


Sessions are £250 for this 1.5 hour session, dedicated clearing, reading and healing on Zoom.