Shamanic Training for Women

The Sacred Woman Path 



Dedicated to Initiations, Rituals and Practices to Become your Divine Feminine Nature 


The groundwork

that connects you to

Self, Soul and Life.



Calling ALL wild women experience their power closely. 


Gather and hone your energies and acknowledge all that you are to become completely YOU. 


This training is for you to find  your courage and find your voice in the world to go out in your own terms , take the first steps to discovering your mystical gifts, connect with the earth and embrace all that makes you wild and sacred through shamanism and exploring the divine feminine. 


Feel the support through the mentoring and equally grow in confidence to reach out and share your joy about your journey.  Explore change in a safely held space and feel nurtured during your becoming.


A course full of shifts, breakthroughs and self discovery.

Feedback on our Sacred Woman Path Training 

"I was blown away by how powerful it was"

"I have new found confidence in getting boundaries, this is MY space, it is who I AM"

"I now trust in my knowledge and experience, I don't minimise or discredit what I know, as they are so important"

"I have a deeper understanding of being a woman, exploring archetypes, what they mean to me, pushing boundaries, uncomfortable so that I could change"

"I now have authority, self assured in my own beliefs and values"

What we cover together in the training



  • We travel around and amongst the Celtic Wheel of the Year 

  • Explore the Five Elements together

  • Experience each part of the year and becoming absorbed in the processes which will help you to embrace the sacred you

  • Learn to Create Meaningful Rituals

  • Sacred Ceremony modules 

  • Meditations 

  • Undergo Powerful Initiations

  • We will also cross reference the Celtic Wheel of the Year with lunar cycles

  • We learn about the energy medicine and vibrational medicine which is appropriate for you at this time


You will go deep into yourself and spend time experiencing profound healing practices as well as let go and renew, you will gain an understanding of specific challenges you are facing right now and address them in the present moment, take vibrational remedies to support you and take part in rituals which affirm your connection to your soul, to the earth and the cosmos.  


We will spend time in nature exploring the elements and merging with them as well as doing shamanic journeys for empowerment and insight. You are asked to keep a journal. 

During the course of the two years you will benefit from

One to one training


Ceremonies, rituals and powerful processes embracing your journey

Modules of home study to deepen your connection to self and your truth including

Sacred practices honouring the Divine Feminine

Moon rituals embracing the energy of the moon to empower and support you

The integrity, warmth, wisdom and knowledge of Angie's 20 years of teaching

A beautiful manual full of information and your processes explained 

All connecting you to profound transformational processes during your journey to expressing your authenticity

Apprenticeship Opportunities with Angie 

This two year apprenticeship is by application only and available with just a few openings a year.


Please enquire for more information.