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Shamanic Journey Group

A Half Day Retreat

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An empowering uplifting beautiful, special and insightful women's circle, connect to your own wisdom and gain support and your own answers as we travel through the relevant season's energies. Book now to guarantee your spot.

This group is for your self development and for deepening the relationship and understanding of the journey.  Through the beat of a drum, each person journeys to connect in non ordinary reality to profound aspects of themselves.  Through this introduction to shamanism there is also a chance to connect to their power animal to gain insight, wisdom and answers.  

About the process


The root of shamanic journeying is ancient and part of many cultures, it is often associated with the Native American traditions although present in other traditions.  Through the beat of a drum which creates a calming meditative rhythm achieving a 'alpha' state, the participants lie down with eyes closed and go through a process which is guided by me through my drumming.  Whilst lying down, each person goes through a solo 'journey' which takes them into a realm described as non-ordinary reality.  This process and realm happen spontaneously, and this ancient practice leads the person to undergo an experience where in a protective calm and nurturing space they can get their own answers to empowering questions.  


The special attributes in nature which we are surrounded by mirror aspects of what we need – for example just as plants have something called a doctrine of signatures (they can at times carry in appearance a clue as to what they are used for in healing), animals also reflect this in the journey, by sharing their unique qualities which communicate what we need at that time.  Part of the journey experience is working with a 'Power Animal' whereby an intuitive relationship evolves which strengthens an individuals ability to hone in on what they need without anyone else needing to tell them.  


Journeys can be packed with spontaneous and fast flowing symbolism, metaphor and relevant signs, that appear to quickly for anyone to have time to 'will' into their experience, hence any initial thoughts about whether its all made up by the person's will quickly dissolves, as they experience it for themselves, equally at times they are just a chance for the mind chatter to clear so that we can create space in our lives once more for what is most important.  


It is an empowering, therapeutic, relaxing and at times emotionally releasing experience, held by me and guided by me.  I have been a therapist and workshop facilitator for twenty years and find the shamanic journeying one of the most beautiful and powerful opportunities for self enrichment I know.


It is not always everyones experience to see things on their first journey, but that is not the real aim, it is more important to reach a sense of stillness where dialogue can be forthcoming, and where you can begin to explore aspects of yourself in a well held space.


Beginners to the journey welcome please read the above information carefully before coming.

"I've been a regular visitor to Angie's shamanic journey groups for a while - I feel the drum from within and feel it takes me along a lovely path of relaxation and healing - I love that I never know how I'll experience this - highly recommend 'Journeying' with Angie"

"It felt like coming home"

"We were all invited to share our journey while holding the talking stick - no obligation to say anything if we didn't want to either. And more importantly no analysis. It's all left up to our own interpretation which is refreshing. I felt great after this two and a half hour session and the journeying experience has left me wanting to do it again. The more I do the more I will get out of it, I'm sure! I can really recommend this beautiful friendly circle that meets quarterly around the Solstices and Equinoxes. I hope to meet you there next time!"


"Thank you Angie for being such a great Shamanic facilitator so full of joy and love."

Dates for 2021


This group is for women only and  it allows time to go deeper into the processes exploring aspects of the divine feminine and self empowerment.

Forthcoming Dates in Tring, from 10am until 12.30pm - please arrive a few minutes early.

Saturday 3rd July 

Saturday 2nd October 

Saturday 27th November 




Hastoe Village Hall, Church Lane, Hastoe, Hertfordshire. HP23 6LU. Parking on site.

Get in touch if you want a lift from one of the participants if you are travelling by traing.



Please check for availability prior to paying, spaces are limited and early booking advised.

Important information:

What to bring


A mat, exercise mat or yoga mat

A pillow or cushion for your head

A blanket to keep warm or sleeping bag if you want to be really cosy!

A bottle of water

A journal and pen

Wear comfortable clothes and arrive 10 minutes before the start

Dress warm - I can't emphasise that enough, you will be sitting for the best part of 2.5 hours.


Covid 19 social distancing advice - please read 

In addition to the above, please also bring:

Hand sanitiser

A crystal or special object as we will not be passing around a talking bowl or stick

A snack for the break

We will be spread out in the hall.

Please do not attend if you are experiencing any of the associated symptoms.






To book pay below or get in touch for details on how to pay by bank transfer.