Are you ready to validate yourself?

If you are reading this, the chances are that you have made the decision to address aspects of your life which no longer serve you.

At various stages of life we become different, when we realise we are so much more, we sometimes need to start again. We are ready to really embrace our identity, love, honour, become that person, fully.

The sacred self care in your life is under review, and that events leading up to this time all point to an urgent need for change.
















Ways I help you 

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  • When you want to find confidence, and own who you are

  • Challenges in relationships and loss of personal power

  • Difficulties during huge changes and milestones in life

  • Overcoming trauma, fear, obstacles to how you wish to live

  • Support including during mid life and beyond

  • Powerful processes that help you to connect to your authenticity and truth


Establish a connection with your Soul Essence - and get ready fly - on your terms. 




Choose from either a single session or a full programme ​

Soul Medicine Online Sessions



Full Mentoring Programmes:

The Begin 3 Month Immersion

- soul coaching and mentoring

- profound processes for change 

- releasing stuck patterns and blocks

- aligning you to what you need

- making you limitless

- empower yourself and embrace your truth

- a complete programme of support

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Single sessions:

The Soul Readings

- reading

-clearing of the soul records

- releasing limiting beliefs

- building on strengths

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"The mentoring was beautiful for me.


I really felt like I shifted a block around bringing my treasure into the world. Our work dovetailed with my course and personal work beautifully, hence making my decision to step out and move , following my heart/spiritual self/calling and embedding true faith and trust in myself and my connection with the universe.


This has been a massive time for me!


The workbook that accompanied the mentoring programme was profoundly insightful, inspiring, motiving and enabled clear insight and movement for me. Then supported by our sessions together too. A beautifully crafted rite of passage and transitional healing and rebirthing experience.


You're like a midwife of the true self.


I loved the spectrum you work with, akashic records, past lives, ancestry along with the shamanic healing and topped off with the homeopathic medicine. A real holistic mind, body and soul experience for me. I'm so glad I came to you and grateful for your midwifery in this rebirthing part of my life.


Thank you wholly for being you! 


Dawn Rosser

Dawn is a Child and Family Psychotherapist UKCP Reg. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Soul Coach.

My Unique Approach

as a Medicine Woman



It is my priority to help you get strong in your identity, self belief and let go of old patterns. 


I work using my own unique mentoring  system incorporating a psycho spiritual approach developed over my 20 years of practice:

Shamanic Healing

Soul Readings / Metaphysical Counselling

Soul Medicine drawing from anthroposophical principles

Processes as a tool for letting go

All work together to clear the soul records on a cellular level, transcend limiting beliefs and take you forward to the next stage of your life.


I also draw from my extensive knowledge working with:


The Five Elements in Nature

The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Powerful Female Archetypes or Moon Cycle knowledge to anchor and strengthen you


I am an experienced homeopathic consultant with a background in shamanic homeopathy, and also bring this wisdom to your programmes.