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Tales of Death

My guest blog for the Seed SistAs.

A form of death – a total crumbling away of ego, identity and experience is common in people who journey on the shamanic path. The extent of this process, which goes so deep, is so painful and frightening is felt deep within the soul, a transformation of the most extreme kind as the very core of the being is sent out, far beyond reach, and regroups and clusters forming a new person.

This spiritual death has happened to me so many times, the first time I was just seven years old, and whether I had wanted to or not – created something in my consciousness so as to have me walk into life with an energy and perspective I quickly identified as my very own.

Dangerous life situations where I have been at the point of death, had my life threatened, stood with no defences as well as immense initiations and purposeful ceremony and beautiful rituals have all been part of the many times I have died. Some of these deaths have broken me completely, and some have taken me to places in different realms of consciousness where I needed to think quickly and navigate through feelings and sensations which opened me up and showed me greater depths.

When you look at things from a unique perspective – it’s so good to LISTEN to everything that gives you support and guidance. Not people so much, but situations, feelings and thoughts, the vibration of what is guiding you.

When I was very young, I was initially unaware I was experiencing many signs and messages about my path and life, they just seemed to be life in a series of shocks. Once I realised some strong signs were showing themselves it felt overwhelming, and the journey started partly as one of denial. Despite all of life’s best efforts to despatch me on a quest, it felt difficult to know where to start. Although I had no desire to fit in, I couldn’t access what the alternative might be, a world I didn’t realise existed outside of me!

First of all and important in the story, there was immense sadness and loss in my formative years, I was born into a military dictatorship in Chile and became a child immigrant to the UK. I was a solitary child with huge resources including imagination, intuitive abilities and empathy. It was wasn’t until my late teens that I began to ground, and realised that certain beautiful things I took for granted just came to me with no effort at all. Art, writing and empathy amongst them, I just couldn’t stop creating, just like then I still have many ideas daily, whatever I am doing the ideas are there, flowing, constantly. There were times I had nothing, but as a creative a blank canvass is how I start everything.

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