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slowing down to do more

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Ever wondered if you STOPPED - whether you would really stop being productive? We rush often without thinking, caught up in a list of things we think we are doing effectively, things we think we should be doing.

But, what if we STOP and think, plan, connect, evaluate, be honest and start again.... this time on our terms, the quality of our productivity will change completely. Not only that, it leads to creating the space to make decisions which actually serve us, support us, where we want to be, in a meaningful conscious way. It may even change your life, its that powerful.

See this latest video blog and let me know how you get on - and there's a one day retreat planned in the autumn, to help you slow down and reconnect, so you do more - but only more of what you need!

much love Angie x

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