Your Menarche Ceremony - honouring your womanhood

What if you could celebrate your womanhood in a way which empowers and cherishes your identity?


Rituals, Ceremony and Rite of Passage with a workshop.


These powerful beautiful coming of age ceremonies are offered from the heart and it is my wish that more and more young women have the opportunity to celebrate in this way. 

Offered to all women to celebrate the relationship we have to our bleed, and available also as a 'Period Party' for young women coming of age.


Book for your group.


Beautiful Menarche

& Goddess Ceremonies

Your Ceremony 


Talking circle and oracle cards

A Sacred craftwork session

A Goddess Story

Body awareness and positive body image

Cycle awareness

Goddess dress up

A ritual for mother and daughter or between women

A Rite of Passage ceremony 


A Goddess Gift for each participant 


Joyously connect to your power.