More about the different Rites of Passage 

A whole day of Ceremony and processes to Nourish the Soul

The Transformation Rite

An empowerment ceremony and rite of passage to celebrate you stepping into a new YOU. 

This rite marks the definitive point at which your new life begins.

Whether you are reinventing yourself, separating from a partner, starting a new relationship or life adventure, this is the ceremony to define it. 

My most requested Rite of Passage Ceremony, this honours all you have been through to get to this point - the point of new beginnings on your terms.





Soul Retrieval as a Rite of Passage

Incorporating aspects of ceremony to focus, let go, augment, process and assimilate.  Soul Retrieval allows me to bring fragments of Soul back for you which you were separated from through trauma, and allow you to heal and be complete once more. 


Symptoms of soul loss will indicate the need for this work. For more information on what is involved please get in touch.  This is offered as either a complete day with a follow up  session as with the other Rites of Passage ceremonies.

Following your initial enquiry, I journey on whether I am the right person for you and share the outcome with you soon.


Honouring your Maiden, Mother, Enchantress or Crone

Come and step into the Goddess.

Embrace your coming of age and your archetype.

Maiden reaches out to you to begin anew

Mother allows you to truly nourish yourself

Enchantress calls you to find your wild woman identity

Crone dedicates wisdom keeper 

Embrace who you are, explore yourself and get strength from her.

So much to tell you about her!  Get in touch for more information.


Menopause Ceremony 

The Dance into Your Power

When you can truly embrace this most powerful time of becoming.  Peri menopause, Menopause and Post Menopause are times to honour and embrace who you truly are.

A ceremony dedicated exclusively to celebrating your menopause and you becoming a powerful wise woman.  We celebrate your strengths, beauty, gifts and life story. A must for any woman who wants to fully integrate her powerful divine femine nature as a wisdom keeper and goddess.

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Ceremonies may require an additional fee for travel depending on distance.

I have a dedicated ceremonies website - you can find out more about my other ceremonies here.