write your own story

and birth a powerful new beginning

Dear Creative,

This time in the world right now calls for a total life review. 


Indeed this COVID-19 era is challenging us to address the old ways of doing things, creating an opportunity to look at what we have outgrown.

The way we do things, the way we think and how we feel. 


This transitioning birthing period can be uncomfortable, as you squeeze out of the chrysalis and all you felt to be certain, and think about how best to follow YOURSELF.


 It is a wonderful time to address that sense of urgency, that you are changing and wanting to leave the old behind.


A time to get conscious and make decisions based on what serves YOU best.

So how can you support yourself best during this time of change? 


Letting go of what no longer serves you in a time of transition means a hugely significant adjustment.  It is a time to begin and understand yourself more fully, to acknowledge your wisdom and knowledge so far, and take a quantum leap to embrace a new you.


I help you by guiding you with tailored support, summoning my skills, wisdom and everything necessary so that it enables you to grow and embrace this new you, as you birth that reality and get truly focused on your life.



The Transformation Programme

birth your identity and your new chapter

This programme IS for you if you want to:

Get clear on your vision

Take action to walk into your new life reconnecting to yourself

Go forwards embracing and honouring your strengths

Find your voice authenticity and truth

Birth a new chapter and your identity with total clarity

Get confident

Change your life through transformative processes

This is not a conventional coaching course, or a business programme, and requires at least three hours of commitment a week.  It also requires you to open your heart, surrender and trust - to embrace the challenges and have a willingness to get out of the comfort zone, to listen and to action. 


I also ask you focus exclusively on this programme for the duration of the  12 weeks.

It is a space to BE and understand to connect to a subtle inner knowing, to slow down and make space, as well as be willing to spend time alone to work through the processes each week, this is all essential.

Establish a connection with your Soul Essence 

and get ready fly - on your terms. 

The 12 weeks

and how it all works

Part 1: The Catalyst  for weeks 1, 2, 3 + 4

Part 2: The Intention for weeks 5, 6, 7 + 8

Part 3: Transformation & Birthing your Reality for weeks 9, 10,11 + 12



















You also receive

The Goddess Archetype Resource 

Rhythms and Cycles Chart 

The 12 Biochemic Tissue Salt Remedies

3 x 5ml Elixirs initiating powerful soul support

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Payment plans available


Option 1 

Transform & create


12 dedicated Zoom sessions

(6 focus sessions &

6 check-in support sessions which include time to answer all your questions)

12 weeks of powerful processes

Vibrational Medicine

Shamanic Homeopathy

A Soul Reading 

Support emails as needed

- Birthing truth voice and vision

- Metaphysical Counselling

- Clearing of Limiting beliefs through the akashic/soul records

- Working through personal blocks

- Establishing areas of strength

- Vibrational medicines 

- Mentoring

- Self study, journaling, meditation, ritual and inner work

What clients say 

Client Dawn Rosser

Child & Family Psychotherapist UKCP Reg. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Soul Coach.


"The programme was beautiful for me"


I really felt like I shifted a block around bringing my treasure into the world. Our work dovetailed with my course and personal work beautifully, hence making my decision to step out and move , following my heart/spiritual self/calling and embedding true faith and trust in myself and my connection with the universe.


This has been a massive time for me!


The workbook that accompanied the mentoring programme was profoundly insightful, inspiring, motiving and enabled clear insight and movement for me. Then supported by our sessions together too. A beautifully crafted rite of passage and transitional healing and rebirthing experience.


You're like a midwife of the true self.


I loved the spectrum you work with, akashic records, past lives, ancestry along with the shamanic healing and topped off with the homeopathic medicine. A real holistic mind, body and soul experience for me. I'm so glad I came to you and grateful for your midwifery in this rebirthing part of my life.


Thank you wholly for being you! 



"a truly transformational journey"

It’s been a truly transformational journey which I’m extremely grateful for. All the amazing tools with Angie’s solid support helped me to find myself, my inner strength and the power in me to live a life that is mine, that is in alignment with who I am. It’s been an amazing experience! I highly recommended Angie with her amazing gifts and talents to all who are ready to transform and step in to their power and want to feel more alive and vibrant! 


The main things I have transformed in the 12 weeks have been negative thoughts, limiting beliefs - it was a great deal for me to let go of them all, to get in touch with my soul, accept myself more to be able to accept others. I did let go of anger, grudges and illusions. I became so much more in touch with myself, intuition and started listening and acting on guidance from my soul and visions.


I transformed confusion to clarity, negative thoughts, beliefs into positive, managed to improve my relationship with fear that it is not limiting or paralysing me anymore.


This all made me more at peace, more confident that I can be there for myself. Connecting with my ancestors felt very powerful too, I feel them behind me protecting me, giving me power. 


Before and after......


Before I began I felt lost, a victim who was fearful and still lived in a co-dependent relationship in my head even though physically I wasn’t there anymore. I gave my power away. I was struggling big time. 


After I completed this program I feel empowered, two feet on the ground, I trust myself so much more, I am my own person. I rediscovered myself and gained confidence and the belief that I can change my life for the better, I have the power. I own my life. I developed healthy boundaries and I accept and love myself so much more than ever before. I detached myself from co-dependency.


I'm most proud of  facing my fear of rejection, emotional reaction of the other and mine! From a victim I became a powerful woman. I was able to make a specific challenge a beautiful experience by seeing the other in a different light and having healthy boundaries.


The biggest challenges I overcame...


Letting go of all the negativity, letting go of the past and the old, facing my fears, forgiving myself and believing that I can!


Myself now in relation to my vision.....


I feel I have achieved, became the vision which I set out at the beginning of the programme. I am empowered, confident, I know my inner strength and I became better at managing situations, having healthier boundaries. I am able to speak my truth.


The person who would benefit from this work needs to be ready to do the work and the courage to go along with it, trust it. It’s been challenging at times and hard work. The commitment to this work is essential to achieve the goals set out and enjoy the benefits along the way and at the end. Commitment, courage and dedication to yourself is essential. If you feel that you are ready to change and not sure how and to what, Angie can help you with her amazing work to find your way and birth you into your new self.

Client on completing their programme

"Angie’s mentoring skills brought forth my vision into the open and turned it into my becoming of my true self"

For far too long I had ignored my calling and the time had come when this could not be ignored anymore.


The burning desire to listen to this calling meant I needed to have some direction and focus and it was through Angie's 12 week transformation programme that I finally listened and took action and focused my intentions on what I wanted to change.


At the start of the course my vision was all over the place and it needed clarity and focus on the aspects that mattered the most. 


 Angie’s mentoring skills brought forth my vision into the open and turned it into my becoming of my true self.


This  all happened in 12 intense weeks of this transformational programme where there is a sense of urgency on getting the intention set to allow the  unraveling of your true potential for your transformation to occur.


For me this transformation was all about turning this burning desire from just being in my head to becoming something that was really focused upon. 


By making  my  intention  clearer I was able to see with clarity and understanding about who I am in a space that is contained by Angie's protective words of encouragement, wisdoms and love.


My understanding of what was holding me back was all about the way that I saw myself in relation to the vision that I had. 


Instead of my vision seeming to be unachievable or outside of myself  this was explored  through various discussions and rituals with Angie and with that I have the tools to make what I want to be transformed, happen.

The biggest challenges for me were to overcome was the self doubt in that I wasn’t good enough. By exploring and clearing those feelings, my perspective shifted and the old views of myself had been cleared and no longer held me back .


I’m on my new journey which is very much about my strengths and sticking to my own truth and  a way of being that supports me .


For others who need support in transforming a particular area in this life then this programme would  get their vision of what it is they want transform into action with the support and love from Angie.

Client following the 12 week programme

Option 2

Transform, Anchor

manifest & create



12 dedicated Zoom sessions

(6 focus sessions &

6 check-in support sessions which include time to

answer all your questions)

12 weeks of powerful processes

Vibrational medicine

Shamanic Homeopathy

A Soul Reading

Support emails as needed

- Birthing truth voice and vision

- Metaphysical Counselling

- Clearing of Limiting beliefs through the akashic/soul records

- Working through personal blocks

- Establishing areas of strength

- Vibrational medicines

- Mentoring

- Self study, journaling, meditation, ritual and inner work


A half day creative retreat online with Angie to anchor and manifest your vision

Access to Angie's Manifest Meditations 

& Rituals and Processes


A  mentoring and clearing session a month after completing your 12 weeks

4 x weeks of special accountability email sessions

A four week plan for your evolving identity

Abundance Medicine

"I am most proud of my growing confidence and willpower to follow my soul’s calling"


Before I began this programme I felt lost, desperate for change and lacking structure in my daily routines, and now, after completion I have the organisation I need to stay focused on my goals and vision and I am crystal clear on what I want to communicate through my art. I have the basic tools and knowledge to market and promote my work to the public.


I am most proud of my growing confidence and willpower to follow my soul’s calling and to listen to my heart. I am honouring my true essence and leading the way for others to do the same. I am facing my fears, certainly not fearlessly but with a determination to go forth- a whole lot more powerful than sitting with fear!


The biggest challenges for me to overcome were, being open and honest about my fears and insecurities and also allowing myself to feel deserving of my dreams and desires.

Stepping out of my comfort zone- even accepting this amazing programme was doing just this! Refusing to accept that this stage in life was something that cannot be changed.


I would describe myself now as much more organised, disciplined and committed to honouring my needs as a creative person. I believe in my power and magic and I am no longer afraid to let it shine out to the world.

I am more confident and excited to show the world the real me.

I am clearer on how I can speak to the world through my art.


Those that would benefit from Angie’s programmes may have a feeling that change is on the way but they require guidance and support in making the first steps to embracing this calling to transform.

Angie provided a safe space for me to step into my light, to feel heard, understood and supported, all on a very deep soul level. I felt guided back to my true self, where it has been present and waiting all this time but is  no longer suppressed or silenced.

What Angie provides is exceptionally unique with a powerful range of methods to support the body, mind and soul during times of change.

Client on completing their 12 week programme

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