About Angie

What would it mean to you if you could truly embrace that person you are, the one which is authentic, expressive and unique?

Essential rites of passage are part of the process of bringing our lives in to alignment, authenticity and balance.  We have resources, intuition, skills, qualities which allow us to gravitate to what makes us happy and supports us best in life. Choices on every level. We are the people who can best bring meaning to our own lives, who can validate ourselves, who can find a true connection with what really matters most.  


I help you to identify how to honour your life with you and help you embrace your life design through beautiful processes.

My background.

I am a modern day medicine woman, rites of passage facilitator and ceremonialist.

Over the last 20 years I have gone deep with many people ranging from people expanding their wisdom and spiritual growth and to those experiencing the major transitions in life, people undergoing huge change in personal circumstances as well as women claiming their divine sacred selves.

I was born in Chile, and left when young during the military dictatorship. In many ways it was the start of a huge journey, forming part of the many emotional challenges encountered which I cleared in order to grow and transcend limitations related to identity, truth, voice, self expression and belonging in my own skin.


A little later on through profound authentic experiences I began my process true self validation, paving my own road and identifying my own truth.


My rites of passage enabled me to FLY.


My background includes that as a Ceremonialist/Celebrant, Reiki Teacher, Medicine Woman, Shamanic Homeopath, Workshop Facilitator, and Creative. 

Acknowledging the sacredness in our lives, connecting to the beauty enables us to appreciate ourselves and make the most of this little time we have in our lifetimes. Once you want to know who you are, nothing will stop you from creating the life you want and embracing YOUR soul essence.


Your identity is uniquely yours. Come and own your bold and celebrate all that you are.

Are you ready?
Medicine Woman
To find out about specific work I do with cermony see my other website here.