Mentor, Creative & Modern Day Medicine Woman
Friend Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths ARH
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What would it mean to YOU if you could connect to the person you know you already are, deep down? The one who hungers for that identity and spirit to be revealed so you can live your sweet sacred life with that powerful level of authenticity EVERY DAY?

And can you imagine getting a mentor that really gets what that is, that helps you to get honest with yourself about what you need, who you are and what you want to connect with most?

I help you embrace this change to become completely YOU, to birth your truth, voice and vision and identity.  Know that your unique identity IS the essence of your soul - you are writing your own story.

I am blessed with a powerful box of tools

I am a Mentor, Creative, Artist and an experienced Shamanic Homeopath / Homeopathic Consultant with a background in anthroposophical medicine, a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Rites of Passage Facilitator, Teacher, Ceremonialist. I am also a British Chilean, A Feminist, A Creatrix, A Lover of Freedom and Wild Woman. 


I have over 20 years of experience helping people through their transformations to find a supportive life for themselves, one rich in authenticity, focus, clarity, wellbeing, empowerment, joy and truth.  Prior to this I studied Third World Development, Environment and Women's Studies, and enriched my awareness about the important connection between us, accountability and the earth. I saw how much we urgently need to come home to ourselves, the land and each other in order to create harmony on every level.


"I saw how much we urgently need to come home to ourselves, the land and each other in order to create harmony on every level"

What I have done in the past 

I have worked within the fields of addiction, depression, women's health, children's health, soul development, helped creatives, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, therapists and many others, all anchoring their calling in life and finding their path into the birthing of a new life.  


You have something beautiful to create and manifest, nurture and share, that being different is where the real magic is, the true soul and spirit that gives us the fuel to share and merge the inner and outer worlds in your life.

Your transformation is everything.



When I was a teenager, I had my first encounter with earth based spiritual practices and shamanic ceremony and experienced my first Rite of Passage of many. I recognised how much shamanism resonated with me on a soul level, I had come home. In my late 20's I began to actively address the issues and traumas of a difficult start to life and create powerful lasting change.


This lead me to become a medicine woman, healer, creator of ceremony and homeopathic consultant and to embrace change and transformation as an instrumental part of our development in our lifetimes. 


My own many dark nights of the soul enabled me to understand, identify, own and and love my path so fully. It is an honour to do this work, and to have embraced this path, and to know and understand much through the journey of my life.

"I live life with passion and gratitude -

and this is my sharing"

What I love in life 

I was born in Chile and left as a child immigrant at the time of the dictatorship. My rich experiences, survival of the most challenging of times and activism feed into everything I do. Celebrating cultural diversity, love of the planet, political awareness, creativity and expression of soul are central to my life. I live life with passion and gratitude - and this is my sharing.

Amongst things I love most are spending time with my kids and husband and our friends, foraging early in the morning, chocolate, dancing, coffee, being barefoot, vintage clothing, dressing up, my drum, Frida Kahlo, Gogol Bordello and Prince.


With me you can


- Benefit from tailored programmes which use a unique approach to launch your new beginning


- Have my dedicated assistance in your transformation that is also your letting go of the old in order to  thrive, gain confidence, live your truth and speak with an authentic voice and presence which honours who you are


- Be fully supported from the stage where you create your vision to the stage where you take your first steps into a world which nourishes and nurtures you

I will help you to find your wings and FLY.