"I help you to transition during times of uncertainty, so that you can access the new you"

What would it mean to you if you could have the support you need to change your life - so that you could live it honouring your wisdom and live it in the way that represents you best?

You have resources, intuition, skills, qualities which we work together to identify, the things that allow you to access what makes you happy and supports us best in life. 

I also help you to find how to embrace the change to become completely YOU.

My background.

I am a modern day medicine woman. 


This includes my guidance as a  soul coach, healer, ceremonialist, shaman, homeopath,

teacher, creative and workshop facilitator with over 20 years of experience.

I was born in Chile, and left when young during the military dictatorship. I transcended limitations related to identity, truth, voice, self expression and belonging in my own skin.  I also believe in happiness, in connecting to soul and in making the most of this short sweet beautiful life. 

Are you ready?
Medicine Woman
To find out about specific work I do as an eco celebrant see my other website here.
About Angie