Homeopathy & 

Essences Consultations

with Angie - for Emotional Wellbeing

The  Essence of What you Need


I offer a course of 3 sessions, one a month

with either Homeopathy, Tissue Salts, Flower Essences / Elixirs in combination

and sometimes all of them. I specialise in emotional wellbeing.

I work with support for



Issue related to Emotional Wellbeing

And currently also helping with recovery from Covid-19 and associated symptoms

Empower yourself and grow in your own knowledge.

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine. To find out more about it see here.

Natural Medicine to Help Achive Balance


£270 for your course of 3 initial sessions. This course is designed to begin to address the most important issue with the support of homeopathy, biochemic tissue salts, and flower essences and elixirs.

Depending on the reason for your treatment, I will advise you further on what you need and for how long. 


I work with you so you can actively begin the process to better emotional health.

You will also be advised on diet and lifestyle choices which help support your wellbeing.