Shamanic Homeopathy,

Essence Elixirs Consultations

& Soul Review Sessions

psychospiritual support for healing,

self development & growth

The  Essence of What you Need

I specialise in support for issues related to your self development​, understanding yourself and growing your connection to who you are.  This is through a course of sessions.


See this as the start of the change, I offer more intensive deeper support through programmes and trainings, and this can complement the work here and be a possibility as you develop and grow. 


6 dedicated powerful 50 minute sessions.

session 1:

exploring patterns

session 2:

addressing themes and challenges

session 3:

understanding yourself more fully

session 4:

deepening your connection to your own authenticity

session 5:

starting the road to change

session 6:

embracing the path to true confidence 


This work helps you to

Embrace who you are

Learn and connect to yourself

Get clarity on your life and dreams

Feel fulfilled through connecting to your path

Get grounded and confident in your self belief

Depending on your requirements, I will provide you with tailored programme of support. 

I can establish more once I know more about you.

Empower yourself and grow in your own knowledge.

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine.

I specialise in confidence and emotional wellbeing.

To find out more about it see here.

For specific work including mentoring for identity, supporting you through letting go of your old life and birthing the new see here.


Vibrational Medicine to Help Achieve Balance

your pathway to embracing who you are

Working together is an invitation to start a accountability from you, that helps to get you to an entirely different place in your life. Its an opportunity to begin the process of creating lasting change. 

Its essential to have total commitment, and dedication, make this a priority, have patience, and implement the changes.  It is also essential you approach this with an open heart, a willingness to listen and to surrender to your unfoldment. 

You will also be advised on diet, time management and lifestyle choices which help support your total mind body spirit wellbeing, as well as other things which are relevant to creating the change you need. 

Download your medical history form here - you will need to return this prior to starting your sessions.

shamanic homeopathy & essences elixir consultations

a course of

6 x50 min sessions


A course of 6 sessions

Instrumental Processes 

All homeopathic remedies

All essence elixirs

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A soul review session to get your focus and make a plan for 2021/22



Addressing key limiting beliefs

A clearing of negative energies and the akashic/soul records

An oracle card reading

A two hour one to one session


A powerful grounding essence elixir