shamanic Homeopathy


for Emotional Wellbeing

The  Essence of What you Need


I offer a course of sessions.

Depending on your requirements, I may suggest a tailored programme of support. 

I can establish more once I know more about you.

I specialise in    support for issues related to emotional wellbeing




covid-19 support

And currently also helping people with recovery from Covid-19 and their associated symptoms.

Empower yourself and grow in your own knowledge.

Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine.

To find out more about it see here.

For specific work relating to self worth, self esteem and confidence see here.

Natural Medicine to Help Achieve Balance

your pathway to emotional wellbeing

Working together is an invitation to start a accountability from you, that helps to get you to an entirely different place in your life. Its an opportunity to begin the process of creating lasting change. 

Its essential to have total commitment, and dedication, make this a priority, have patience, and implement the changes.

An initial course of sessions is the beginning of this process, I will advise you further on what you need as more sessions may be needed.

You will also be advised on diet, time management and lifestyle choices which help support your wellbeing. 

Download your medical history form here - you will need to return this prior to starting your sessions.

shamanic homeopathy

An initial course of 3 sessions

over 3 months

Working with Homeopathy to assist you in starting the process of overcoming dominant negative emotions 



Includes consultation fee and all homeopathic remedies

Postage is at an additional cost.