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These alchemical vibrational remedies are all about reaching depths of personal transformation that reach us on a soul level. Like plant and mineral essences, they high vibrational frequency, taking them assists transformational processes, spiritual development and gives support for enhancing emotional wellbeing. 


The information given here offers but a brief description of the potential of the remedies and only illustrates a fraction of their purpose, by being open to their message you can access a high level of cosmic healing specific to you and your journey.


May these powerful remedies bring you into alignment with your Highest Energy and give you support, inspiration and much healing.  Made with deep gratitude, integrity, humility, thanks and love.  

All of the Essence Elixirs have been created by me.

About each of the different elixirs 


These vibrational tools are about reaching depths of personal transformation that reach us on a soul level.


The information given here offers but a brief description of the potential of the remedies and only illustrates a fraction of their purpose, by being open to their message you can access a high level of cosmic healing specific to you and your journey.


May these powerful remedies bring you into alignment with your Highest Energy and give you support, inspiration and much healing.  Made with deep gratitude, integrity, humility, thanks and love.  Please also ask me about new elixirs as I am developing my work all the time. 


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Black Madonna Elixir

Queen of Earth and also known as the Black Virgin, belonging to no one as she is Creator, The womb, earth, deep in the earth, she is associated with miracles.


Purpose of elixir: Being supporting to others and being your own inner mother. This essence is about identity and helping with any sense of displacement. The Black Madonna is a powerful energy which transcends the need for identity or to identify with ethnicity, yet for this reason it is good for those who have issues relating to belonging, identity, culture, ethnicity, racism, discrimination of any kind, of being outcast for being different, as she is all embracing. She has an  overwhelming overpowering presence of total compassion, just to think of her and feel her energy starts to release total peace, acceptance and love. energy.


Au Set Isis Elixir

The Mother of life all powerful and older manifestation of Hathor, Au Set is The Cosmic Mother, and Mother of all. She brought Osiris back to life and is the Mother of Horus – God of the Sun.  She is the Goddess of medicine and wisdom


Purpose of this elixir: The ability to see the reality and beyond the limitations of mind, a truth remedy, reveals what really exists, illusion falls away, and a chalice.  For when all else is not shifting energies enough in the healing process, and to help the individual connect with then universe, it gets to the heart of the matter, and is a purifier which breaks free old moulds and limitations. This essence helps us to connect to the Great Cosmic Mother.

Brigid Elixir

Goddess of healing and childbirth, the Sun goddess, As a child fed on milk from a cow of the Otherworld, and she owned apple orchard in Otherworld from which bees would bring nectar to this world, Creativity and inspiration


Purpose of elixir: Developing awareness on a basic level with the roots of humanity and who we are, and dealing with anger issues to complete cycles and let go. Water and blood and for igniting the soul fire. This Essence is for all initiations and rites of passage, coming of age, transformative changes, bringing in new codes (honey and milk) and updating soul records for build up to birth (or rebirth). This is a phosphorus type remedy, it works to bring in light and life. Also a remedy for shamanic journeying, a moldavite energy for bringing light into the world.


Kore Elixir

Kore / Persephone, Daugher of Demeter and Zeus, She was abducted by Hades and taken to the Underworld, The Goddess of the Soul and unseen Wisdom.

Purpose of elixir: Integrating soul parts, soul retrieval, any psychic abduction. Particularly indicated for anyone who has had issues of separation. Includes attachment to ex partners, inability to commit to relationships due to fear, separation from parents where this needs healing or grief issues and death, pain from personal loss. It is also good when there is either too much or not enough attachment to material things or the physical world. Good for psychic protection and solar plexus strengthening. Also good for change including menopause.


Hecate Elixir

Guardian of all new born, Goddess of witchcraft. The Moon Goddess, did not marry. Three heads, past present and future sight also representing earth sea and sky. She shared power with Zeus to give humanity anything that it wished for. Standing at the crossroads.


Purpose of elixir: To guide through innermost fears. This is a good remedy for babies born into an uncertain future, children who are not wanted for any reason, and also for children and adults who have faced this in their lives and need healing for abandonment issues or adoption issues. The remedy is also deep acting on past life/irrational phobias and fears especially relating to misuse or abuse of power.



Yemaya Elixir

Star of the sea, this Yoruba Goddess is the Virgin Mary. Mother Goddess of fertility and family. Protector of life, and a Nature spirit. She is the Ocean, often depicted as a mermaid. Can help endure the worst, and has unconditional love of children.


Purpose of elixir: Protection. For issues of identity, misplacement, feelings of inadequacy or subservience, difficulty to adapting and letting go of past. Where there exists a strong karmic legacy and ancestral legacy. Yemaya protected the slaves going in slave ships from Africa to the America’s and this powerful energy helps to lift any heaviness regarding this type of ancestral karma.

Hathor Elixir

The Goddess of Heaven, of Women, of the Dead, Sex, love, happiness, music and children, Goddess of Life, Hathor is associated with the Cow – and the milk flowing through the udders of a cow. She is a personification of the milky way


Purpose of this elixir: Come and connect with collective consciousness! This is good for helping women to connect with the mother energy including women who are breastfeeding. This nurturing energy is to help vitality so that she can connect with being a total being, a mother, woman, partner, person, individual. A remedy to help create confidence at a time when any change including that following changes to identity after childbirth which can leave a person feeling displaced or vulnerable, and open to influences of others under pressure. For when identity has been taken and it is now time to reintroduce and reinvent who we are on many levels.


Pachamama Elixir

Guardian of mothers, babies and midwives, the Goddess of the Earth and Mother Universe, Fertility and fertility rituals of the earth. She causes earthquakes when angered.


Purpose of this elixir: To be the midwife, it is good for when you feel lost, not abandoned but rather a sense of not having any points of reference for life or your actions. If you are in a situation where you just don’t understand how you got to be there and need a strong mother energy which is earthy to help to ground you back into a state of clear thinking and reality. When a person is too much in their heads and not enough in their bodies creating disharmony and bad decisions due to not been able to see clearly. Also for those who have their solar plexus too open and are attracting dark energies.

The Release Elixir

For helping with overwhelming feelings of being stifled, trapped, experience of claustrophobia, anxiety, and to help release fear.  This vibrational emergency medicine is to facilitate being extricated from the depths of mental torment into light and truly release the inner struggle to meet with your own authentic path once more.

Birth Elixir

This is a powerful combination remedy which connects with the divine feminine energy assisting from contractions throughout birthing. It also helps to connect the mother to her baby and to assist that individual to trust and know their own intuition as well as establish a connection with the cosmic grace present within.

New Elixir:  Changing Woman Elixir

In this time of huge turbulence, there is also a realignment unfolding - everything feels like a trigger, a questioning of history, paradigm and life.

So how it is manifesting for you right now? What are you feeling about the way illusion is falling away, we have nowhere to run to, we are confronted with ourselves and the work to be done is clearer than ever before.

If you don't have direct experience of certain things in life, life is certainly flagging them up now.

THAT is why now is the time, to embrace this immense opportunity for self growth, and knowing many of you personally, I am really excited for you.

So I wanted to share with you the story of Changing Woman

An ancient Navajo Goddess, Changing Woman is instrumental in the rebirth of all women. Following a cycle of existence, as the old self fades as an old woman, she is reborn, each spring once more manifesting as a young woman, and continues on but never dies. She is also the creator of the Navajo people.

She holds the power of life, a rich and fertile, creator being, she is present in rites of passage for young women.  She calls us to balance our masculine and feminine, to rebalance ourselves and bring ourselves into alignment.

A powerful ally, she supports us through transitions of deep immense significance, and enables us to grow into our understanding of existence, our wisdom and new life held within her arms, nurtured and blessed.  This Elixir is on pre-order and available from 1st August 2020.

Yew Tree Medicine Elixir

Connecting to ancestral wisdom through my Yew Tree Essence. The realms of death and rebirth, self mastery and true community and kinship. Strength and courage to reach out to the connection which is the legacy of our heritage - and receiving the love and support from our lineage

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