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powerful new chapters.


Are you outgrowing your present life and feeling a compelling urgent need to birth your identity on your terms?


Do you feel the calling to understand who your are, your soul essence, get honest about what really makes sense to you?

Do you feel an urgency about establishing a new more supportive way forward, one that nourishes your soul?

Now more than ever, our times call on us to birth a new chapter, one of our own making, one which honours who we are, so that you begin to express your truth in every area of your life.


I bring soul medicine into my work through mentoring with shamanism and metaphysics. 

Create a vision that is your truth

Anchor your soul essence

Rediscover yourself

Gain your confidence

Claim your light

Embrace your medicine 

I offer 12 week Mentorships, Sacred Ceremony and Trainings. 



I'd love to know more about your journey so far, and explore how I could best help you.

Book your free 30 minute discovery session with me and we can see how to begin.


"I believe that once you answer the calling to embrace the birthing of your new life, a supportive new existence rich in authenticity, focus,

clarity, empowerment, joy and truth follows, the truth your soul yearns for and already knows"

The Transformation Programme:
Birthing your identity

"you have your own rhythm in the dance of life, awaken to it and be limitless"

Beginners Course:
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I am an experienced mentor and modern day medicine woman with a background in homeopathy with anthroposophical medicine, metaphysical counselling, shamanism and sacred ceremony. 

When you work with me, you are embracing your life experience in its entirety, as you connect to the riches of living, what really matters to you most, and gain the confidence to express who you are. 


You access and birth a vision that is all about a new and different immense level of authenticity, self expression, voice, truth and personal freedom. Your identity is sacred, and so is claiming your spotlight in the world, on your terms.


The Calm Pack 

A series of powerful audio and written downloads you can access from ANYWHERE.

This pack exists solely to assist and support you in feeling more balance, alleviating stress and anxiety and finding the creative connection within.

Turn Anxiety Into Creativity

Created with love and much time spent totally immersing myself in facilitating a deeper connection for you with yourself , here it is.  This pack is your ally, your guide and your anchor for the next 21 days and beyond as you so wish.

Too much in our lives creates imbalances that affect us mentally and physically, in THESE times of change this pack came willingly forward to be there for when it matters most.

Allow this pack to help you reach a place in your creative life where you connect to self and reach out to your very soul with a clear mind.

What you can achieve with clarity and focus:


Introduce calming processes in order to regularly balance your energies

Get more grounded, centred and focused so you can think clearly

Start the process of feeling a greater sense of connection to the NOW

Quieten the mind ​and get clearer about EVERYTHING

If you feel anxious and stressed at times, this will help to assist you feel less so 


Start to see the wood for the trees, less stress, alleviate anxiety

Embrace that soul, self divine connection to your creative heart


What's included in your beautiful pack

The Sound Therapy Shamanic Sound Bath Download

A whole delicious powerful hour of blissful sound for you. 

I devised my much loved popular session several years ago with shamanic drumming helps you to slow down completely. There are HUGE benefits of sound calming the nervous system, a profound healing experience.

Drumming is now known and recognised for its meditative qualities bringing the body into a state of deep relaxation. Drums have been used for thousands of years in a healing context, and are central to shamanic practices.

This immensely relaxing and calming session invites you to absorb the different sounds of the drum, allow it to take you into its different rhythms and hand over to a restorative process, slowing everything right down and gently supporting you into a place of stillness and calm.

You also have


Seven Days of Meditation Downloads

Guided meditations for seven days to help assist you with daily support.  The meditations assist greatly in helping you keep your focus on you, and help to enable you to find peace.  Practical and easy to follow, you can access the techniques straight away. For your essential connection to self.

The Calm Rituals

A 21 day written guide with magical powerful daily rituals to help you create more connection with the NOW, life in the now, access life in real time.  Give your self a 3 week immersion where you dedicate a little time and space to create an environment which is both nurturing and conducive to creating greater levels of healing, self growth and soul connection.  Feel supported and motivated.

Listen from Anywhere 

The audio downloads are great for you to listen to anywhere, and a huge plus is that its not a visual experience, you can close your eyes and really switch off.  For maximum benefit create time, a comfortable space and wear headphones. The Calm Rituals are your guide to help you get more grounded, allow space for creativity and become focused and what really matters most.


"a midwife of the true self"


I loved the spectrum you work with, akashic records, past lives, ancestry along with the shamanic healing and topped off with the homeopathic medicine. A real holistic mind, body and soul experience for me. I'm so glad I came to you and grateful for your midwifery in this rebirthing part of my life.


Thank you wholly for being you! 

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Dawn Rosser

Child & Family Psychotherapist UKCP Reg. 

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Soul Coach

"I am most proud of my growing confidence"


"I am most proud of my growing confidence (as an artist) and willpower to follow my soul’s calling and to listen to my heart.


I am honouring my true essence and leading the way for others to do the same......I am more confident and excited to show the world the real me."

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A client on completing her

mentoring programme

"a truly transformational journey"

"It’s been a truly transformational journey which I’m extremely grateful for. All the amazing tools with Angie’s solid support helped me to find myself, my inner strength and the power in me to live a life that is mine, that is in alignment with who I am. It’s been an amazing experience! I highly recommended Angie with her amazing gifts and talents to all who are ready to transform and step in to their power and want to feel more alive and vibrant!"

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On completing a 12 week programme 

"Angie’s mentoring skills brought forth my vision"

"For far too long I had ignored my calling and the time had come when this could not be ignored anymore.


The burning desire to listen to this calling meant I needed to have some direction and focus and it was through Angie's 12 week transformation programme that I finally listened and took action and focused my intentions on what I wanted to change:

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"I can't thank Angie enough"


“Angie is a wonderfully strong and courageous woman, who never fails to inspire me to live a better life, to be a kinder and stronger person to myself, my family and to others, and to be kinder to the planet. 

I can't thank Angie enough for the wisdom and encouragement she has given me through attending her workshops and mentoring sessions, which has allowed me to extend that love, strength and hopefully some of the wisdom to my extended family and friends, as well as in my art work“

Jenny Edbrooke


"Angie dusted my wings, took me to the edge and showed me I can fly"

“I am filled always with the deepest of gratitude for having Angie in my life, it has been an incredible soul journey of the highest vibration of pure love and divinity and each and every time I have a client on the treatment table her beautiful soft soul presence is in the room.

Angie dusted off my wings, took me to the edge and always showed me I can fly. We all can.”

Trish Whelan

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Healer


Katie Curtin, CPPC

Breakthrough Coach & Creative Mentor
Founder and Host of the Creativity Cafe
Amazon Bestselling Author of The Happy Well-Fed Artist


Karen lawton

sensory herbalist


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