The Transformation

"Whatever it is you need, Angie knows"


"I had the privilege of doing Angie's Mentoring Programme. I had felt totally stuck in life. My brain was willing but something kept holding me back.

Each session felt different - like layers being stripped back. I felt euphoric - tearful - relaxed - and floaty ! It was so interesting to watch and listen as Angie unraveled my blockages ... I did not want it to end .... but I have to say I am totally back to being me. I feel totally invigorated and my thinking has changed !


I can not recommend enough - whatever it is you need - Angie knows. I am blessed. Thank you."


Zandra Christie -

Publisher of Your Health Hub


About Angie

I am an experienced medicine woman and soul coach with a background in homeopathy with anthroposophical medicine, metaphysical counselling, shamanism and ceremony. 

When you work with me, you are embracing your life experience in its entirety, as you connect to the riches of living, what really matters to you most, and gain the confidence to express who you are. 


You access and birth a vision that is all about a new and different immense level of authenticity,

self expression, voice, truth and personal freedom.

Angie Litvinoff Medicine Woman                       

T: 07958 770217                     

Insta: @angie_the_medicine_woman


Are you changing?

Do you feel a calling to address this transformation?

Do you want to gain the inner confidence to live the life you truly need, one that honours this next stage?

This is an opportunity to find your voice and truth, create and birth that vision and fly.

Sign up for the Transformation Programme and immerse yourself in 12 weeks of

life change - birth your truth, confidence, voice and vision with me here 

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Angie Litvinoff Medicine Woman