Goddess retreat days

A day of Ceremony, Retreat, Ritual, Empowerment   and Celebration for Goddesses

Gorgeously deep and powerfully beautiful, a whole joyous day of ceremony, ritual and retreat to become one with your goddess nature with your friends.

Take a journey through the four stages of womanhood, the Maiden Mother, Wild Woman and Crone and immerse yourself in Goddess power. Become your Goddess! BE that Sacred Woman.

A day of celebrating and honour the sacred through beautiful moments of ceremony, sisterhood, fun, connection and ceremony.







Please enquire for prices and to book your group.


Available as one of my touring retreat options or from the Straw Bale Building in Epping Green.

You day includes

A talking circle


Divination cards: this beautiful opening circle creates sacred space for you and your group

A journey and celebration of the four female archetypes

A shamanic journey to meet your helpers, allies and power animal

A ritual: marking your intent and honing on whats most important to celebrate

Making you into a Goddess

A final ceremony including your whole group: bringing you all together in a special and unique celebration of your divine feminine nature 

A shamanic sound therapy session 

A sacred crafting session:  specific to what you are celebrating

And powerful specific themes and intentions 

A mini reading for every Goddess